Le temps de l'harmonie

Prévention santé - Sophrologie - Sonothérapie

Sophrology, a way of life.

Do you know Sophrology ?

Sophrology means “the science of the consciousness in harmony”, it is a life-balancing philosophy, a personal development technique that develops peace of mind and resilience.

Sophrology is a way of life, a presence to oneself and to others, a search for harmony, wisdom and serenity.

Through breathing, dynamic relaxation, visualization and positive thinking, sophrology offers the opportunity to acquire new energy, better manage your emotions and restore the balance of life.

It is a powerful technique that combats stress, insomnia, lack of confidence or pain.
It stimulates creativity, imagination, enhances memory, concentration, allows you to tame your fears. It is simple and does not require complicated postures or large amounts of time each day.

The method

This method was created in 1960 by Professor Alfonso Caycedo, neuropsychiatrist.

Inspired by Eastern (yoga, Zen Buddhism) and Western (Jacobson, Schultz, hypnosis, 
 existential phenomenology), sophrology helps you to reveal your own resources.

Written by Corinne BONTEMPS

It leans on 4 fundamental principles : 

• The principle of affirmative action : positive action has a positive effect on the psychic elements.

• The principle of integration of body schema as lived reality : integrate the body schema in consciousness.

• The principle objective reality is linked to the personality of the sophrologist who has to understand and perceive his own state of consciousness to take it into account in front of the person who 
consults (the sophronisant), which then allows him to guide and establish the alliance with
 the sophronisant.

• The basic principle of adaptability : techniques and theories in the method have to be adapted to the reality of people who consults.

Sophrology is a progressive method and its success is linked to your practise.

It is practiced in sophroliminal state, a state between waking and sleeping. You are in a level of altered consciousness that allows you better access to your feelings, to be attentive to your sensations and emotions.

Originally created for medical use, sophrology then was developed in the social sciences to extend in the field of stress management and personal development. It is now used in businesses, schools, hospitals, sport.

Individual session 

Each session is structured by :

. exchange time before the meeting, so that you can express your expectations.

. practice time, guided by my voice, you learn how to rediscover your body by living in terms of sensations.

. a time of dialogue after the meeting to describe the phenomena experienced during the session.

Group session 

Group of 4 to 10 people - Package of 10 sessions

Group sessions are for those who wish to give themselves a peaceful moment.
Organized around the first 4 levels of dynamic relaxation and some games, they can work on wellness, relaxation, stress management, self-confidence, ...

Everyone lives his own experience within the group and appropriate, at his own pace, exercises to implement them in his daily lives.